The effect of cadmium on the human body, and how to recover from poisoning with it?

Cadmium belongs to heavy metals and is used for the production of battery cells and some alloys, paints, protective anti-corrosion coatings.

Despite such a wide distribution, the metal is not safe. It is simultaneously considered a fairly strong immunotoxic poison and a natural growth stimulator - its effect directly depends on the dose that has entered the body.

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The natural source of metal is seafood (seaweed, mussels, oysters), cereals, lettuce, a lot of cadmium accumulates in mushroom caps.

The permissible safe concentration of the metal for an adult is no more than 70 micrograms per day, and the recommended values ​​are from 10 to 35 micrograms of the element.

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If these recommendations are neglected, acute or chronic poisoning may develop. At a concentration of Colchicine than 3 mg, a negative effect will appear. At a dose of more than 1 g, a lethal outcome is possible. Ways of cadmium poisoning: sources of toxic doses.

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According to statistics, heavy metal poisoning occurs more often in industrial enterprises, whose workers come into contact with the element during the production and maintenance of mechanisms.

The most dangerous in this regard are: factories producing batteries and batteries; production of electronic parts using soldering; enterprises manufacturing metal structures assembled by welding; enterprises producing paint and varnish products, plastics and polymers. The danger of chronic intoxicationoccurs in residents of industrial areas located near metallurgical plants. The main way heavy metal enters the body is through the lungs. Similarly, there is an accumulation of trace elements in smokers (each cigarette contains about 0.1 micrograms of cadmium compounds).

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Residents of colcrys areas using phosphorus fertilizers have no less risk of receiving a toxic dose of an element.

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Symptoms of chronic and acute poisoning complicate the course of gloperba pills and lead to the birth of children with low body weight. It is noteworthy that cadmium does not penetrate the placental barrier, so it is found in the body of a newborn immediately after birth in acceptable concentrations. In case of cadmium poisoning, a woman is advised to interrupt breastfeeding a newborn, as the toxin penetrates into breast milk. This causes direct harm to the health of the baby and provokes symptoms of cadmia in him. First aid, treatment and prevention.

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When signs of acute cadmiasis appear, it is necessary to interrupt contact with the toxic element. If the compound has entered the body through the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended: Probe gastric lavage and the use of saline laxatives. Cleansing the digestive tract with enterosorbents. Forced diuresis for the rapid removal of metal salts through the kidneys - drink plenty of water, preferably low-mineralized water without gas.

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